Varkevisser Has Left the SDL Tridion Building

Yup, no more Pieter at Burgemeester Stramanweg 101( and, since 4 months ago, Hoogoorddreef 60) in the outskirts of Amsterdam. No more lounging in the funky orange trademark swoosh chairs while drinking crappy coffee from coffee machines available on almost every floor, or sitting in the boardroom, or going on dog sled runs in Sweden as part of Tridion’s annual employee-only fun events, or visiting the Sodexo-inspired cantina on the second (Was it the 2nd? Can’t quite remember) floor.

As announced by SDL Tridion on Friday (sorry, can’t provide the link – the site’s been dead since Friday with occasional attacks of survival), SDL Tridion is getting a new CEO – Jan Jaap Kolleman. But I can quote SDL Tridion benoemt Jan Jaap Kolleman tot nieuwe CEO van SDL Tridion. Pieter is still on the site though:

Varkevisser Has Left the SDL Tridion Building

I wonder why… Things been going quite well, new offices opened up in the US, Europe and Japan. Licensing revenue has been good. He must’ve just gotten tired.

Varkevisser has been the CEO for over 4 years, and it doesn’t really come as a surprise that he’s leaving not long after Tridion was acquired by SDL for €69 million. Who knows how much Pieter got from that deal.

With cash from the SDL’s acquisition as well as his previous gig at Data Distilleries B.V. (and other B.V.’s and N.V.’s), Pieter could probably buy Corsica and not worry about a thing in his life. Wow, and I thought I got bored easily…

From a press release: The outgoing CEO explains, “During the last 18 quarters, we have been able to grow SDL Tridion into a global leader in Web Content Management, with over 500 customers and global operations in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. As part of the SDL group, with its strong product suite and excellent growth and profitability track record, SDL Tridion is very well positioned towards capturing further market share around the globe.”

Mark Lancaster, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SDL, thanked Varkevisser “for the strong contribution he has made to SDL Tridion over the past 4 years.”

Still, it would be interesting to see (if) where and when Varkevisser re-emerges.

In the meantime, who’s the new guy? Aside from looking very Nordic, which in itself implies being a good fit for a Dutch company… He also sports nice watches. And, he likes CNN – which, as a former employee of, I totally support 😉 But you do need to update that circa 2001 site, dude 😉

Kolleman said: “I’m delighted to be joining SDL Tridion at such an exciting time. I look forward to continuing the growth of the company through expanding our operations worldwide and making strategic acquisitions.” Who wouldn’t be delighted?

Kolleman comes to SDL Tridion from Exact Software, where he held a number of senior positions in general management. His last position was Managing Director of the largest operating company of Exact Software, a software company headquartered in the Netherlands with revenues over US$ 350 million.

Prior to Exact Software, Kolleman was commercial director at Sylis Netherlands, a full provider of IT services.

The funny thing is Kolleman has updated his LinkedIn profile, before SDL Tridion’s web site was updated to reflect the change. What’s not funny is that he only has 54 connections. Seriously, 54. Even Pieter has 187.

Surely, Tridion in the U.S. will not suffer. While the U.S. economy is the worst it’s been since the late 1990’s (I call it the Great Depression – Part Deux), folks need WCM and Tridion is there to provide the tools.


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