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In the Vignette State of Mind

OK, I hope this Vignette phase is coming to an end soon 😉 Just a quick post about QuickSite – a new offering from Vignette PS. It comes packaged with lotsa training, some pre-packaged common code, workflows and templates and an install of VCM.

PS has gotta do what PS has gotta do. QuickStart should be a nice addition to the Q4 bottom line. I am not even gonna mention V’s previous Q’s financial results.

All in all, QuickStart looks like a helpful PS solution for those horrified by the complexities of implementing this ECM beast. It surely will be promoted more at the upcoming Vignette Village 2008.

Full article on CMSWire:

QuickSite Aims to Simplify Vignette Implementations


One thought on “In the Vignette State of Mind

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