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Pinch Me. I Must be Dreaming.

This never happened to me before. I am almost sure it will never happen to me again. I got an e-mail from a PR firm of one of the vendors I cover here and on CMSWire. But this is not when you pinch me.

I am used to getting e-mails from vendors and their PR firms. On a number occasions in the past I got the polite, let’s-be-friends “Thanks for covering X and Y” and “Thanks for your attention to our product” types of e-mails.

But this time… I was actually praised for something that could be considered a countereffort to the fluffy PR work — being honest (Yup, pinch me now, please).

Hey Irina –

This is [omitted]. I do some PR work for [omitted], and really have enjoyed your honest and enthusiastic writing [omitted].

I just wanted to introduce myself and see where you’re based, etc. I’d love to pick your brain a bit about the WCM media if you are in the [omitted] area!

Either way, thanks for the quality work.



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