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Loving Lamborghinis and All Things Italian

I couldn’t agree more with CMS Watch’s Theresa Regli about loving all things Italian, including the gorgeous Lamborghinis (Yes, revving engines is my other passion right next to CMS). Yum! Even when they come as my playful reference to CMS Watch as “The Lamborghini of Web CMS Researchers“:

At CMS Watch we love Italy and many things Italian. Our Founder Tony Byrne spent time in Italy as a student, my maternal grandparents were born in Italy and I keep my pasta machine at the ready in my kitchen, Kas Thomas is married to a fellow Italian-American, and Alan Pelz-Sharpefell in love with his Italian wife of 20+ years in London, when he was but a young lad. Adriaan Bloem has been known to drive from his home in the Netherlands to speed through the rolling hills of Tuscany, and earlier this week, upon the release of our Web CMS Report 2009, we were called The Lamborghini of Web CMS Researchers. Bene…molto bene!

Full article on CMS Watch:,-Romans,-Countrymen…?source=RSS


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