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Interwoven Beefs Up Its DAM Module MediaBin

Those familiar with Interwoven CMS know that MediaBin is quite an essential part of the system. This optional DAM product is a must-have, if you don’t want to suffer through an otherwise painful digital asset management existence. TeamSite offers some asset management out of the box, but nearly not enough.

Added through an acquisition, MediaBin runs (only) on Windows, which simply further illustrates the incongruity among Interwoven modules and the multiple platforms they can or cannot run on (starting with Java and ending with separate servers with “minds” of their own).

While the enhancements to MediaBin are something that’s expected and nothing out of the ordinary, some of them just don’t make much sense.

What confused the heck out of me in the new MediaBIn is the MS Exchange integration. Why would anyone want to e-mail assets around and create even more clutter in their inboxes? Isn’t that exactly the reason why we turn to content, document and digital asset management tools for help so to feng-shui our inboxes and file folders?

Perhaps, the idea here is to use Exchnage and its tight Active Directory integration with it’s user groups, hierarchy and permissions as some new form of workflow? I know, it’s a stretch. But my mind is looking for an answer 😉 There’s gotta be a really good reason for that integration that we just can’t think of at the moment.

E-mailing the assets’ URLs/paths, though, could come in handy. Then again, a simple search function should probably suffice to accomplish the same task.

Full article on CMSWire:

Interwoven MediaBin Gets Faster, More Interactive


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