Caribou CMS Focuses on E-Commerce

Everyone is writing CMSs nowadays. I should probably try, too. It seems very easy to do 😉 Canadian vendor Caribou CMS, enamored and inspired by the animalistic beauty of caribous, announced a new version of its PHP-based subscription membership Web CMS. It’s not gonna support Amazon or other large online store, but should be OK to sell your grandma’s vintage post cards.

“…These new features… make Caribou CMS the full-fledged web site management platform I always imagined it could be”, says Brock Ferguson, product’s lead developer. Oh, puuhlease.

“Full-fledged CMS” is a subject to various degrees of relativity. Let’s hope there’s more to come in this product. Competition in the Web CMS space is tough, as we all well know, and much more effort is needed to charm away prospective customers with something that will blow their socks off.

Caribou CMS — while at times clunky, with a bit too many pop-up windows and useless prompts — is a good start and can possibly provide all the basic functionality needed for a simple e-commerce scenario.

Full article: Caribou CMS Offers New E-commerce-Focused Goodies


2 thoughts on “Caribou CMS Focuses on E-Commerce

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