Sitecore Brags About 100% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

I am not a .NET-developer, so I don’t have to worship Sitecore — a famed .NET Web CMS vendor that announced this week that its 2008 revenues have grown by over 100% over the prior fiscal. Not surprisingly, 95% of revenues are coming from new license sales and less than 1% – from Professional Services.

Sitecore has never focused much on PS. Sure, let the resellers and integrators do the dirty job of actually implementing the software. Sitecore just demos and sells it. OK, not completely, true – they also seem to provide some training. A friend of mine just got her Certified Sitecore Developer badge.

When it comes to functionality, many Sitecore competitors – including SDL Tridion, EPiServer, MOSS and Ektron – were known to win in customers’ short-lists. Granted, the latest version 6.0 was very strong and attractive with all the Carousel views and such.

While the triple-digit growth rates are great, let’s not forget that many vendors in the Web CMS arena tend to struggle when faced with the challenge of being able to balance the supply-demand ratio.

Full article on CMSWire: Sitecore Boasts Over 100% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth


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