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webEdition CMS Abandons Licensing, Goes Open Source

Germany-based Living-e AG has announced that it is now offering its Web CMS webEdition 6 as open source. Additionally, the company decided to extend Professional Services (PS) support to end-users.

Previously sold as a commercially-licensed software, webEdition 6 is now giving it all (OK, almost all) away for free — which makes it only more interesting to explore.

Wish I could tell you more about this CMS baby, but all demo sites are down. “Unsere Demoseiten ziehen um.” Wir verstehen, and we’ll have to wait until the move to a new server is complete.

Before this week (and since 2001), this CMS product was sold as licensed software. An interesting move from commercial to open source model, wouldn’t you say? While some say that pure open source is not viable as a business model, webEdition moves to bare its source code to the masses.

Shedding some light on this move, Holger Meyer, head developer of webEdition says, “We are convinced that the open source approach allows the faster adoption and integration of webEdition into more application environments. Therefore, it was the next logical step in the lifecycle of our product.”

Heck, if even Microsoft is starting to embrace all things open source, the rest of the world will follow. Will
webEdition ever make it to one of those most popular open source CMS lists? We shall see…

Full article on CMSWire: webEdition CMS Abandons Licensing, Goes Open Source


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