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More Day CQ5 WCM Hype

I still think CMS Watch (out of the blue) was too nice to CQ5. But that’s OK. A demo over lunch sounds much more lekker (my fave word in Dutch) than getting your hands dirty with the new release. 

InformationWeek is also hyped about CQ5. Hagopian is quoting me again (thanks, Peter):

For an in-depth overview of CQ5.1, check out Irina Guseva’s detailed piece on CMSWire.com. She also features a review of the release on her personal blog as well as a run-through of the installation experience. Together these pieces offer a hands-on uderstanding of the ups and downs of CQ5.1.

What I am really curious about is how upgrades from CQ 3.5.x and CQ 4.x are going with that “update tool”/update wizard still in beta. If, of course, customers are, indeed, jumping into the upgrade so soon after the release.


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