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SaaS ECM Gospel According to SpringCM

Right before the release of its shiny and new SpringCM 5.0, the vendor issued the “SaaS State of the Union” kind of address in the form of a whitepaper.  As biased (and, often, useless) as whitepapers usually are, I thought I’d poke fun at this one and add the (clearly missing) cons bits to the glowing approach of SpringCM’s SaaS ECM is the best way to go.

With SaaS CMS being a popular topic nowadays, every CMS vendor seems to have something to say about the Software-as-a-Service model and its hot-hotty-hot future. Enterprise CMS provider SpringCMis no exception. In a recent “SaaS vs. On-Premises Software” whitepaper, SpringCM highlights 12 reasons why SaaS can be a good choicefor a CMS prospect.  What SpringCM (understandably so) chooses to omit is the potential pitfalls of hosting your CMS off premises.  

Full article on CMSWire: SaaS ECM Gospel According to SpringCM


3 thoughts on “SaaS ECM Gospel According to SpringCM

  1. Irina, thanks for your interesting post titled SaaS ECM Gospel According to SpringCM. As VP of Marketing for SpringCM, I want you to know that I and my company are completely guilty of shamelessly and passionately promoting the SaaS delivery model for ECM. Of course there is another side to the argument, and we acknowledge this in greater detail in a paper titled Five Tests to See if SaaS-Based ECM is Right for You? I’ve included a link to the paper below.

    By the way, I do feel very strongly about SaaS but don’t mind a spirited argument with those who feel otherwise. Perhaps someone should organize a shootout-type session at an industry conference: “SaaS vs. On-Premises Software.” The big legacy players don’t scare us – and we are always available to have an open dialogue about the pros and cons of each delivery model.


    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for stopping by! “shamelessly and passionately” is fine with me 🙂 With SaaS expanding so rapidly, I am sure it will be a hot topic at many more industry events. Good luck to you and SpringCM.


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