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Vignette Layoff? Apply for a Job With Alfresco

Continuing on the sad times for Vignette theme before it’s time to pop that Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot (or whatever it is you’re popping) and welcome 2009 😉

Interestingly (or quite predictably so) enough, Alfresco has been head-hunting for former and soon-to-be-former VIGN employees since April. Alfresco’s Matt Asay has been unashamedly recruiting current and former Vignette-rs to join his “open-source-grass-is greener” own employer, as well as Magnolia and Acquia.

All those talented and fab sales engineers and consultants have to go somewhere, right? Time to update your CV and send it over to what is now competition? Not that I agree with Asay that open source is the answer. Many truly commercial and proprietary Web CMS vendors are still staying afloat, too.  SaaS CMS is getting quite a lot of attention lately as well.

Unless, of course, Open Text continues its acquisition mania and grabs VIGN (but why, they already have the WCM-centric RedDot)…  Or any other ECM vendor… Anyone else needs a WCM addition to the product portfolio?

Not that I don’t feel bad for the Big V folks in fear of losing their jobs… What concerns me is that, as of late, I have been seeing more of moving-away-from-Vignette CMS implementations and sales vs. buying and migrating to Vignette ones. Even in tough economic times like these, it would be kinda sad to see VIGN disappear from the WCM landscape.


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