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EMC Plans Layoffs, Expects Record Q4 2008 Revenue

Unlike some other Enterprise Content Management vendors,  EMC has announced positive preliminary Q4 2008 financial results. The picture, however, is clouded by EMC’s intentions to reduce costs by approximately $350 million in 2009, which translates in EMC layoffs of about 2,400 employees (7% of the entire headcount as of September 30, 2008).

EMC Corporation announced that it expects Q4 2008 revenues of approximately $4 billion, which would be  an EMC record for quarterly revenue. The company expects approximately 8% revenue growth compared to Q3 2008 and 4% growth over Q4 2007.

“To improve the competitiveness and efficiency of its global business,” EMC also announced a restructuring program in regards to its Information Infrastructure business, which does not include VMware. The program’s focus is to:

  • Consolidate back office functions, field and campus offices
  • Rebalance investments towards higher-growth products and markets
  • Reduce management layers
  • Reduce indirect spend on contractors, third-party services and travel.

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