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EPiServer, a la Expansion Mode, Acquires Dropit Products

My Swedish CMS friends at EPiServer decided to grab a Web agency called Dropit. While other CMS vendors (@Day Software that sold off a UK subsidiary) are shedding their agency-like parts of the engine, EPiServer is on the acquisition spree.

EPiServer says that this investment will allow the company to continue to offer the “most sophisticated content management system (CMS) available today” — based on fast, simple and effective functionality. In a nutshell, Dropit makes EPiServer CMS extensions like Extension (aka X3).

Additionally, the vendor reported that during the last 12 months, license sales grew more than 40%. Now, EPiServer is undertaking a series of acquisitions and new office expansions “to broaden and strengthen its proposition.”

Speaking of new offices… The “EPi-way” into the U.S. market is well under way. I hear that the company is still in the recruitment phase and is looking at a bunch of sales folks’ resumes (hint, hint).

Full article on CMSWire: EPiServer Continues With Expansion Mode, Acquires Dropit

[updated Jan-21-09]: After this news went out, EPiServer sent clarification on the acquisition. The product section and the actual products from Dropit were acquired, but not any consulting resources and not the entire Dropit organization, which will remain intact and maintain their focus of developing Web sites for their customers.


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