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Interwoven Layoffs Are Imminent

Looks like 2009 Interwoven layoffs are imminent: up to 10% of the entire workforce, supposedly, + “everyone is projecting up to 20% drop in sales” (quoting my former Interwoven employee sources).  Well, this is not really new news by now. The rumors have been circulating for several days now.

Interwoven’s SEC Filings Form 8-K dated 01/16/2009 explicitly states that “the Company plans to eliminate approximately 70 positions across all functions and reduce its use of contractors and consultants” by by the end of the Q1 2009. “Once fully implemented, the Company anticipates cost savings of this program to be approximately $8.0 million to $10.0 million annually.”

This, of course, is a “forward-looking” statement that “involves risks and uncertainties.”

If you’re an Interwoven Sales Engineer, you must be looking for a job. And I wish you the best of luck.

What else is shaking at Interwoven? The Q4 2008 earnings call is scheduled for January 29, 2009. Clearly, more news to come…

After recent product releases and last year’s incredible revenue numbers, the global keyword is still recession…


6 thoughts on “Interwoven Layoffs Are Imminent

  1. anonymous says:

    I think the repeated pressures of delivering stellar results has prompted iwov for these cuts. Much like the rest of the sector sales are forecast to drop and one way to pick up the slack is to reduce expenses, namely human capital.

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  4. There were (or, should I say, ‘have been, so far’ ?) two rounds of layoffs. I survived the first. In the first, from my department (Optimost is a SaaS thing that IWOV bought and left alone which was sad for those of us on the bottom, because some start-ups are evil to their employees), we lost mostly marketing and facilities people who were probably lucky to survive the acquisition of Optimost by IWOV.

    A bunch of us were laid off on Monday; myself included.

    I found this article and a few other tidbits by Irina looking for “Interwoven Layoffs” via google.

    I wondererd what had been said about the March 16, 2009 layoffs. Can’t find anything…

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