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Open Text Extends eDiscovery Capabilities to eDOCS

Open Text has extended its Open Text eDiscovery Early Case Assessment solution released in partnership with Recommind late last year to its records management eDOCS customers.

Open Text eDOCS customers will get eDiscovery capabilities woven into their overall content, records and e-mail management practices. Will this solution play the get-out-of-(recession)-jail-free-card for struggling lawyers?

Legal Market and Importance of eDiscovery, or Open Text Got You Covered

Open Text is certainly at the top of its game in the legal market. The company says that 70% of the AmLaw 100 firms are using Open Text’s content management solutions. It is only logical to continue embrace the customer base by providing a full range of applications and legal industry expertise to support law firms’ business practices. No one is going to say “no” to support throughout the legal matter lifecycle from client intake to final disposition.

With 2009 eDiscovery trends being discussed here and there, there’s a direct impact of these trends on Enterprise Content Management in the legal market.

The current global economical crisis has affected everyone, law firms included. The legal market (just like everyone else) is looking to cut down costs and improve efficiency. One way to do it is to engage better tools to get the job done. Most likely, if the solution is essential to operations and (somewhat) easy to implement, IT will invest in it even in these times of economic downturn.

As Open Text outlines, these are some of the projects at the top of the IT list:

  • Elimination of duplicate systems: This happens as a result of migration from one vendor to another and comes with a need to stop maintaining separate hardware and software.
  • Integration with MS Office and SharePoint: With Office and MOSS being popular in the legal industry, there’s always a need for extensions and connectors, and Open Text has demonstrated its support for MOSS on a number of occasions.
  • Automation of e-mail filing: Regulatory and firm policies require good record keeping practices around e-mail, and Open Text is again ready and eager to help. Automation of e-mail filing, as part of e-mail lifecycle management, requires specific tools along with integration with e-mail clients like MS Outlook.

With eDiscovery certainly being a hot topic lately, make sure to check out our eDiscovery coverage and learn about many other players in the market. When looking for a new technology solution, it’s always best to do your homework and research several vendors before deciding on the one that seems to be the best fit for your organization and business goals.

Full article on CMSWire: Open Text Extends eDiscovery Capabilities to eDOCS


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