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Web Content Management and Recession — Unlikely Duo?

It is the time of recession, they say. We wonder: do companies still invest money in Web Content Management?

Recent research indicates that WCM will live despite the economic downturn. Better yet, the CMS industry may even experience growth.

According to a recent report from Forrester, Web Content Management is an industry in which organizations still invest and will likely continue to do so.

The research also shows some unsettling findings. The bad news is that customers expressed overall dissatisfaction with WCM, but not always with Web Content Management vendors.

Powers writes that “Dissatisfaction with current WCM initiatives remains, largely driven by lack of IT and business alignment, unrealistically high expectations and corporate politics.”

Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Even when an organization makes a decision to buy a certain WCM system, it’s only half of the struggle. Taking the power away from IT is, in most cases, an organizational change that brings considerable amounts of pain. “Oh, but we used to do it this way!” “You want to let Marketing have access to the CSS files – no way!” And it goes on and on.

Full article on CMSWire: Web Content Management and Recession — Unlikely Duo?


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