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Ingres: Open Source Alfresco-Based Enterprise CMS Appliance

Although I am not sure what exactly this “appliance thing” means, here’s the news. When I think of an “appliance,” I think of me hugging a Google Box.

Ingres Corporation, a provider of open source database management, released the Ingres Icebreaker Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Appliance.

The new appliance is powered by Alfresco and aims to lower the total cost of ECM ownership. Will the customers respond to this new offering in the saturated ECM market and with tight IT budgets?

So, what is this ECM appliance, how does it actually work and who does what in this appliance model offering? The appliance = ECM + database + application server + OS. The roles are distributed within the corresponding expertise domains (which is always good news).

Full article on CMSWire: Ingres Engages Alfresco for Open Source Enterprise CMS Appliance


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