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Percussion Drops Rhythmyx Brand

It’s a rebranding trend in the content management space. Just having recently lost RedDot in a rebranding maneuver, today it’s time to say goodbye to Percussion’s Rhythmyx and welcome their new Web Content Management system succinctly named CM System.

According to Bill Beardslee, Percussion’s SVP of Marketing and Business Development, the decision to rename the WCM platform was made in Q4 2008. Beardslee says: “We are a small company, and as such have limited messaging capital to spend on two brands – Percussion and Rhythmyx. If we continued on the path we were on, it would require the market to remember us by two names – corporate and product. An expensive and potentially ineffective venture for us.”

“Now our platform name is easier to remember, and a lot easier to spell,” he adds.

The CMS spelling bee competition is officially over. Unless, of course, you count Communiqué (which is shifting more towards CQ lately) and Ingeniux.

The spelling bit makes sense, but “easier to remember”? The biggest pet peeve I have is “CMS System” and see “CM System” brand name as an easy target for product name mishandling.

Oh, yes, almost forgot. In addition to the “what’s in the new name” theme — and after a long period of WCM silence — Percussion released some new and enhanced Web CMS features in this version 6.6 of their CM System umm CMS.

Full story on CMSWire: Percussion Drops Rhythmyx Brand, Releases CM System 6.6


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