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Agility CMS Adds Cloud Storage Support, Bookmarks, Dashboard

The ASP.NET-based, SaaS Agility CMS received several new features in its March update iteration, following the suit for enhanced productivity late last year.

There’s a new dashboard that gives Agility users a good look into the happenings of their sites, content linking capability and support for cloud storage in Amazon S3.

The new dashboard is pretty fancy, yet something you can see on any other platform.

The cool thing about this March release is support for cloud storage. Digital assets can still be stored in the Agility database. Alternatively, you can switch to Amazon S3 by setting up an S3 account and pointing the Agility instance to it — Agility document repository now supports external file storage on the Amazon S3 cloud storage environment.

Full story on CMSWire: Agility CMS Adds Dashboard, Cloud Storage Support


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