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Autonomy-cally IDOLized Interwoven TeamSite Hits the Streets

That was quick. Only two days after finalizing the earlier announced acquisition intent (and while the planned Interwoven Q1 2009 layoffs are supposedly underway), Autonomy announced the first post-acquisition product release. The company’s WCM product Interwoven Teamsite in its new 6.7.2 version is now running on Autonomy’s IDOL platform.

(a little) More detail on what IDOL brings to the table is on CMSWire: First Post-Acquisition Release: IDOLized Interwoven TeamSite

The word on the twittersphere has it that the release hit the WCM streets a bit prematurely and a lot more integration work between the products could’ve been done. Coulda, shoulda, woulda… But the £561M investement apparently cannot wait.

Even web content management in Autonomy’s hands is revolving more and more around search and (surely, soon to come) legal compliance.


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