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Vignette Community Apps 7.1: One Way to Manage Social Media

It’s hard to review two so seemingly close, yet so strikingly different product releases on the same day.  Especially, when it comes to the integration of social media and ECM/WCM.

EPiserver has done their version of it. Day and Vignette played in on the same day. The big V has released the updated Vignette Community Applications 7.1.

This social media solution targets organizations looking to engage with internet audiences and spice up their online presences with communities, social interaction and collaborative communication. The goodie box has all the usual suspects: blogs, wikis, forums, ratings and reviews, user-generated events, ideas management, photos, calendars,  community spotlight and the sharing of multimedia assets including videos and podcasts.

My main concern with VCA 7.1 is its complex architecture. The entire Vignette Community Application 7.1 engine is comprised of several moving parts. On the presentation layer you have Vignette Portal. On the portal side, you have an aggregation of JSR-286 portlets. There are 78 of them shipped with the license, and you can add more. MOSS integration is also possible, as Vignette continues to enamor SharePoint.

The social media engine is separate. Vignette’s WCM system part is yet another separate bit that is not integrated with the social media engine.

The whole architectural design may sound a bit clunky; but, surely, those already working with Vignette are used to this approach. If you don’t already use Vignette Portal, you will need to buy an extra license; although, a limited portal license is included. This is the reason they’re called “modular products,” and it is up to you what to choose.

Full article on CMSWire: Managing Social Media With Vignette Community Apps 7.1


4 thoughts on “Vignette Community Apps 7.1: One Way to Manage Social Media

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  2. Thanks for your good coverage of Vignette. It was good meeting you. Just to clarify, contrary to other content management vendors, Vignette built its social media solution on an architecture that allows Vignette to not only add social media capabilities to Vignette’s web content management system but to competitive offerings such as Interwoven,
    Fatwire, EMC, and Tridion, which are all lacking in social media features.

    Not all customers want to replace their content management vendor, but want technologies that can augment their existing enterprise application investments. Our architecture is simple, we have one product with many JSR 286 portlets that can be used to add social media capabilities to enterprise websites, extranets, and intranets, while flexibly allowing the co-existence of social with multiple content management, portal, and other enterprise applications.

    In summary, Vignette has one social media solution that enterprise customers can add to their enterprise architecture. Hope this clarifies things.

    Thanks again for your coverage.

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