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State of the ECM Industry 2009: Content Still a Mess

AIIM has released its annual State of the ECM Industry research report. And although the term Enterprise Content Management was coined about eight years ago, the research findings are still not very optimistic in some areas.

Not surprisingly, the bottom line is that electronic content in many of its shapes and forms in the organizational landscape is still (mainly) a mess.

AIIM has found that managing electronic documents is still a challenge for a whopping 47% of organizations. On top of that, business communication channels like IMs, text messages, blogs and wikis are uncontrolled and off the corporate radar for 75% of businesses.

Looks like ECM is still an industry in the process of growth with all the growing pains that come along with it.

Full article on CMSWire: State of the ECM Industry 2009: Content Still a Challenge


One thought on “State of the ECM Industry 2009: Content Still a Mess

  1. I think ECM is a great term, however in reality you cant provide a generic platform that integrates with everything in your business to take control of all content. Its just whishful thinking…..What organisations should be doing is choosing an ECM platform that delivers the flexibility to meet their own requirements. Which may include taking control of wiki content, text messages, blogs etc. You may pay for professional services, but at the end of the day, you will implement a real ECM solution…..

    Far too much is made of “out of the box” integration and communication. In the real world this will only ever go so far…

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