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Open Text Adds a Visible Sizzle With Vizible Acquistion

Had an interesting chat with Open Text’s head for Digital Media Scott Bowen today. We talked about the Vizible acquisition — one of the many that Open Text has completed recently, yet quite different from the previous ones.

For one, it’s the deal size. Bowen referred to it as “non-material” by Open Text’s balance sheet standards. Which leads me to guess that it was probably in the neighborhood of around US$ 5-10M or so. For comparison purposes, the Captaris acquisition carried a US$ 131M price tag.

Secondly, it is quite unusual to see the conservative Open Text grab a 3D, digital media interfaces maker. eMotion (bought for approximately US$ 5 million) and Artesia acquisitions were done with a clear intent of enhancing Open Text’s Enterprise 2.0 and Digital Asset Management capabilities. Captaris acquisition is a winner on the Document Management front.  But Vizible?

Then again, the ever-growing interest in rich and social media is something OTEX wouldn’t want to miss on from a market opportunity perspective. Open Text wants the “sizzle part” of Vizible’s compelling rich media offerings, as well as the “clever bit” behind the scenes — the technology stack and the widget platform.

This is where Vizible comes in with its content personalization and syndication, and web analytics features.

At the heart of Vizible’s unique, patented IP is the concept of the “Cell” — a container for content. The Cell is the basic building block in Vizible’s object-oriented assembly model (VOM) for representing media in 2D and 3D environments.

Vizible Client Interface

Vizible Client Interface

According to Vizible’s website, their technology was showcased in the MoMA Workspheres exhibition in 2001 — a little detail the artsy geeky part of me likes.

It doesn’t look like there will be any major restructuring changes from the HR perspective. Anthony Gallo, former founder and CTO of Vizible, will join Open Text as Vice President of Digital Media Experiences. Another 15 or so people from Vizible will come on board as well.

More details on CMSWire: Open Text Goes for Sizzling Experiences With Vizible Acquisition


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