Gone ‘Til November, or Why I Like Dante

OK, more like ’till the last week of May. Destination: Russia. Couple of days in Moscow and then into the land of no Internets — Siberia (see #1 in 10 Things About Me). I’ll be lucky if I find a dial-up connection (so I was told).

I am convinced Dante, in his verse about the pain of exile, is actually referring to the lack of connectivity:

«. . . Tu lascerai ogne cosa diletta
più caramente; e questo è quello strale
che l’arco de lo essilio pria saetta.
Tu proverai sì come sa di sale
lo pane altrui, e come è duro calle
lo scendere e ‘l salir per l’altrui scale . . .»

(The Divine Comedy, Paradiso XVII: 55-60)

Things I will not be talking about:

  • What I do for living (no one will understand anyway)
  • CMS, ECM, DAM, WCM, CMIS and other acronyms I use frequently
  • Templates and code
  • Business requirements and design documents

Instead, my lexicon and activities will revolve primarily around (in alphabetical order):

  • Asking a lot of “How do you say it in Russian?” questions
  • Borsht
  • Enjoying quality time with family and friends
  • Figuring out how things work (or not) in Russia nowadays
  • Painting with my niece
  • Trying not to subdue to the cultural shock 😉

See ya later. Read the archives, browse the tag cloud for now 😉


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