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Gilbane SF: Web Platform of The Future

The second opening keynote at Gilbane SF was presented by Tricia Bush, group manager at SharePoint, who looked a bit into the crystal ball and focused her speech on the future of doing business on the internet and the promise of web content management.

We all need to bring content back “as a first class citizen into the organization.” As organizations, you have to refocus and make people and users more important, while embracing governance.

One of the questions posed by Bush has probably crossed the minds of many of you at some point: “Why are we in this situation where we haven’t delivered on what web content management and doing business on the internet is supposed to be?”

The Promise of Web and WCM

  • Remove IT burden of publishing content
  • Create brand loyalty and emotional connection with audience
  • Dynamically drive the content lifecycle from creation and publishing to archiving and disposition
  • Scale and integrate

But what happened to this promise? Systems, processes and cultures were not ready. WCM is a hodge-podge of do-it-yourself systems. And this is not going to work. Processes are still very manual, and multilingual content is making the situation yet more challenging. Many things still need to be touched manually.

We are introverted in cultures and that spawns stagnancy. Many things are still in the hands of IT. We are not having a dialog with customers, we’re having a Shakespearean monologue.

Reach, Retention, Revenue

According to Bush, 80 % of sites out there are classic brochureware. Microsoft, of course, loves this. Many of the sites out there can be purely informational without a goal to drive revenue, but just aiming to reach the customers. Others are trying to retain customers from a loyalty perspective, as it is much cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Revenue generation is usually achieved through e-commerce or selling content.

What does the future look like for some of these models? Dynamic content for internet and intranet sites can be pulled together to present one picture and one place to go to for all information you need.

Bush concluded with her version of what Bill Gates said many moons ago referring to content as king: “It’s all about content.” Relevant, timely, refreshed content is what matters.

Full story on CMSWire: Gilbane SF: The Web Platform of The Future


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