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Hippo Embraces Apache Jetspeed’s Revival

The open source ECM vendor Hippo, in an effort to develop a closer relationship with the Jetspeed community, has been busy contributing to this Apache project and even released its own product and support package  for Apache Jetspeed 2.2.

Hippo seems to be on a mission to re-establish Jetspeed’s position as the top choice for performance-oriented enterprise portals.

Can this be a huge comeback for Jetspeed?

Hippo and Jetspeed: It’s Mutual

Hippo is quite known for its commitment to the open source industry and the Apache Software Foundation, so the news doesn’t come as a surprise. For Hippo, the benefit of working with Jetspeed is quite obvious.

What about Jetspeed you ask? Jetspeed is also on the receiving end of this mutually beneficial deal.

When was the last time you’ve heard about Jetspeed? When was the last time the interest in it spiked?

Hippo/Jetspeed relationship may be exactly what Jetspeed needs for its revival in the open source enterprise portal scene.

Hippo and Jahia (Together and Apart) Under Jetspeed Covers

Hippo is not alone in the Jetspeed ecosphere from the commercial open source standpoint.

Jahia, another open source enterprise content management vendor, has been tapping into Jetspeed powers as well. This match also seems to be made in Apache heaven.

Jahia focuses on web content management and portals as well, and in Jahia 5.0, the CMS included a Corporate Portal Server based on Jetspeed-2. It was built purely in Java, with Jahia source code available under a collaborative and community source license (=Jahia’s contribute or pay paradigm).

However, in the latest product version — Jahia 6.0 — the vendor moved away from “the more complicated Apache JetSpeed previously used” in their portal implementation. The technology is now based on Apache Pluto 2.0 and supports the portlets standard JSR-286.

What would be interesting to see is Hippo and Jahia collaborate on Apache Jetspeed. Surely, the two vendors can join forces to benefit the Apache community. Or, should we be less optimistic about Jetspeed and friendly rivalry?

Full story on CMSWire: Hippo Embraces Apache Jetspeed’s Revival


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