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Vignette Readies to Ace it With New VCM V8

Had a chat with Vignette yesterday. Lovely conversation around ACE, the internal code name behind the newest release of Vignette Content Management version 8.0. From what I saw in this very very early announcement, it does seem that Vignette is making big improvements to their flagship Web CMS product. And we all know how thoroughly the vendor has been scolded for outdated tech and poor usability.

Complete GUI overhaul, AJAXified new in-context editing, performance improvements — all good stuff. I do like the idea of “virtually zero pop-ups in the UI.”

The “Early Adopter Program” is also quite interesting. Vignette plans to offer sanbox environments running on a VMWare image to several customers, as the company is working on RCs.

VCM V8 is still in the works with most of code being complete. General availability is not scheduled until later this year. However, the product will be soft-launched on July 1.

It’s too early to draw any conclusions, but I wonder whether V8 will be big enough to give the so-needed extra boost to Vignette.

Full story on CMSWire: Vignette Wants to Ace it With Upcoming VCM V8


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