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Continued Quilting Exercise With Open Text WCM

Open Text Web Solutions, formerly known as RedDot Web Content Management (WCM), has gone through a major new release and is now in version 10. There are improvements to the technology stack, more ECM and SAP integrations, updated UI — and OTEX didn’t stop there.

Marci Maddox, Open Text’s director for global product marketing, was kind enough to share the details of the Web Solutions 10 release.

Open Text, understandably, continues to weave its multiple platforms into a coherent patchwork. ECM, DAM and the SAP NetWeaver Portal are some of the touch points.

Open Text Livelink ECM integration is coming as part of the integrations update release around September. Same goes for SharePoint 2010.

Integration with the recently unveiled Open Text Social Media is also in the plans, according to Maddox, who says that there’s already a “small integration” in place, but it is not a released item yet.

Shooting for Seamless Quilts

Open Text is in an interesting position of piecing together so many different systems that are either their own or were acquired. Seamless would be the ideal way for cross-system access to all relevant information.

Not many vendors are able to deliver that seamlessness, which comes with efficiency and ease-of-use. It’ll be interesting to see how Open Text does in this application quilting area, and how Vignette will be part of this entire patchwork.

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4 thoughts on “Continued Quilting Exercise With Open Text WCM

  1. Ed says:

    So Irina, because I trust your judgement, is this the real deal? A good step forward? The direction OpenText needs to be taking the product? Or is it more like the past “here’s an update, we swear” pattern?

    Have you had a chance to check out RD10? Does it seem “polished”, or is it more of a public Beta? I have a number of users asking about upgrades, and I’m trying to make up my own mind on it.

  2. Ed,

    Let me preface it with the fact that I am not gonna give any advice in this forum.

    In my opinion, the release looks solid from an end-user/editor perspective. Solid step there. Developers may not necessarily be as happy with it.

    While OTEX made an effort to be up-to-date MSFT platform-wise, there are no significant changes in v10 to make devs happier. We all know the perils of RD.

    It’s good to see OTEX pay *any* attention to what used to be RedDot, esp. in the light of the recent soon-to-be finalized acquisition of Vignette.

    I personally dind’t get a chance to get my hands dirty with v10 yet, but it looks to me nothing like a beta.

    As far as upgrades go, the usual cautionary tale. Want to be an early adopter and dive into it — go right ahead. Want to wait out for more so-called stability — you’re free to do so.


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