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Nuxeo Galaxy: Bringing Enterprise CMS to CEVAs

Nuxeo, being quite a busy bee lately, launched their Galaxy Program. No, astronautical adventures are not included. But, if you are an ECM application and/or solution provider, you can take your coding dreams into the Galaxy and package them up into Content-Enabled Vertical Applications (CEVAs).

In the Nuxeo Galaxy, there’s everything but dust and the “dark matter.” Based on the open source Nuxeo Enterprise CMS, Galaxy aims to allow for CEVAs to be built, marketed (through Nuxeo’s Solution Marketplace), supported and distributed to customers and the Nuxeo community.

Some may argue that CEVAs don’t necessarily require the breadth and depth on an enterprise-level content management platform. At the same time, Nuxeo is flexible enough from the licensing perspective to give freedom to developers looking to try things out before committing. The source code is open and redistributable.

While there’s no so-called vendor lock-in, there’s a substantial vendor “dependency,” if you think of how tightly Nuxeo enwraps you in all the galaxies of their products (which is a logical business decision for any vendor). But in the end, the choice is absolutely yours.

More on CMSWire: Nuxeo Galaxy: Extending Enterprise CMS to CEVAs


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