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Open Source ECM Vendor Jahia Re-inforces U.S. Presence

The next wave of European content management vendors hitting the U.S. market is yet again upon us. This time, the ripples are coming from the open source Enterprise CMS vendor Jahia.

The vendor launched its U.S. mission two years ago, continuing it with further formalization of efforts by opening its North American HQ office in Washington, DC. Emmanuel Garcin, Jahia’s VP, will continue to serve as the GM for North America.

A little before that, a new R&D and Support office was opened in Montreal, Canada.

With local as well as other European open source vendors (like Hippo and Nuxeo), it may get pretty crowded in the enterprise CMS U.S. market. Closed-source ECM vendors like IBM, EMC and Open Text are surely paying attention.

More on CMSWire:  Jahia Goes Beyond Canada, Opens U.S. Headquarters


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