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Sense/Net 6.0 Enterprise CMS Extends the Web App Model

The open source Enterprise CMS and Portal product Sense/Net 6.0 has entered its Beta 4 release. Major improvements were made on the application and portal layers, including further work on the experimental technology Sense/Net calls the Web Application Model, with the introduction of something totally new — the Workspace framework.

Sense/Net refers to a “workspace” as a small portal area allocated for users to share their ideas, work collaboratively on documents and other content types stored in the Content Repository. The Sense/Net Workspace concept is based on the Web Application model implemented in the previous release.

Sense/Net has promised in the past that the goal is not to break the existing functionality with every new release. The vendor gives a fair warning saying it again: the Web Application Model is still considered experimental technology. What that means is that namespace changes and other compatibility breaks will happen.

In the Web Application Model and the Workspace framework, you can expect a myriad of changes still to come: from namespace names, class names and locations, class interfaces and content handlers, to content type names, content type hierarchy, configuration and demo structure paths.

It may be best to give Sense/Net some time to come out of the beta cycle, if you want to be supremely cautious. But for the brave, it looks like there’s a lot of new functionalities to check out right now.

More on CMSWire: Latest SenseNet 6.0 CMS Adds Smart Apps, Workspace Framework


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