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Day Gets a New Captain in the Board of Directors

Back in April 2009, when Day announced the nominations of Barry Bycoff and David Arnott to the Board of Directors. Both were elected in May at Day’s Annual Shareholder meeting in Basel, Switzerland.

Today, board member Barry Bycoff was elected the Board’s Chairman, replacing Michael Moppert, the founder of Day.

Moppert assumed the Chairman role in May 2008, after he handed off his Day CEO reigns to a former Interwoven exec Erik Hansen. Moppert is said to remain an active member of Day’s Board.

Bycoff took over the steering wheel on a good day, shortly after Day’s announcement of positive 1H 2009 financial results.

“I am pleased to be working with Day’s CEO Erik Hansen and the remainder of the Board to help Day capitalize on this opportunity and build on its recent success,” said Bycoff.

Hansen’s initial plan to make Day more appealing seems to be working out so far. Upon accepting the CEO role, he wanted to focus on growing Day’s strongest points: the content infrastructure business and the core content management product.

Since then, we’ve seen CRX new releases and updates, as well as new versions of Web CMS CQ5 and CQ5.2, hit the streets of the content management world.

Originally published on CMSWire


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