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Free and Lucid Gaze At Optimizing Apache Lucene-Based Apps

Lucid Imagination continues to show its (mainly dollar-amount-driven) dedication to open source Apache Lucene and Solr search technologies. Recently, the company released a nifty tool called LucidGaze for Lucene.

LucidGaze is a monitoring tool for installations using the Java Lucene search library. It supports Apache Lucene version 2.4.1 and later. Aside from helping developers optimize their Lucene-based applications, the other piece of good news is that LucidGaze is free.

The product works by reverse-engineering characteristics of the Lucene application and providing a framework for developers to improve application management.

Using LucidGaze, developers can harvest data (e.g., the rate of queries, query speed, text analysis times, memory consumption, changes to index structure, etc.), analyze the performance and optimize their search apps.

More on LucidGaze features on CMSWire.


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