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Gartner Predicts 2009 Top 10 Strategic Technologies

Every year, and sometimes several times a year, various researchers and analysts offer their scientific tea leaves’ readings. In reality, things may not necessarily pan out as predicted. It’s a wait-and-see game.

In any case, it’s always good to read your horoscope every morning, as well as know what to expect in the technology industry come year 2009. I think they call it “strategic planning” in the enterprise world.

At the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner analysts presented their insights into the top 10 technologies and trends to rule the world in 2009.

With emphasis on virtualization, organizations should also pay close attention to cloud computing, green IT, Business Intelligence (BI) and social software — among other strategic trends.

Full article on CMSWire: Gartner: 2009 Top 10 Strategic Technologies

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Loving Lamborghinis and All Things Italian

I couldn’t agree more with CMS Watch’s Theresa Regli about loving all things Italian, including the gorgeous Lamborghinis (Yes, revving engines is my other passion right next to CMS). Yum! Even when they come as my playful reference to CMS Watch as “The Lamborghini of Web CMS Researchers“:

At CMS Watch we love Italy and many things Italian. Our Founder Tony Byrne spent time in Italy as a student, my maternal grandparents were born in Italy and I keep my pasta machine at the ready in my kitchen, Kas Thomas is married to a fellow Italian-American, and Alan Pelz-Sharpefell in love with his Italian wife of 20+ years in London, when he was but a young lad. Adriaan Bloem has been known to drive from his home in the Netherlands to speed through the rolling hills of Tuscany, and earlier this week, upon the release of our Web CMS Report 2009, we were called The Lamborghini of Web CMS Researchers. Bene…molto bene!

Full article on CMS Watch:


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MS Silverlight 2 Is All Things Grandeur and “Next Generation”

Microsoft released Silverlight 2, a new version of its solution for creation and delivery of Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) through a Web browser.

Silverlight 2 — presented under the motto of creating “next-generation Web experiences” — comes packed with a variety of new features and tools that enable designers and developers to better collaborate while creating more accessible and more secure user experiences.

Full article on CMSWire: New Silverlight 2 Is All Things “Next Generation”

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No more drunken-shoulda-never-sent-that e-mails ;)

Loved this post on TechCrunch about Google’s new invention — GMail Goggles. Google found a solution to spare the world from sending those e-mails that are later regretted:

And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you’re in the right state of mind?

The only problem is how people who naturally/soberly lack the gift of a mathematical genius will cope? But the good thing is that Google made me laugh (yet, again). OK, now I need to go find how to enable this thing 😉

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jboye09 Without Borders

Yup, he’s coming to the U.S. at last. Should be an interesting conference.

Janus Boye is determined to bring a “breath of cool, refreshing Nordic air into the stuffy and crowded U.S. conference landscape.” The 5th International Conference — jboye09 — will be held in Philadelphia on May 5-7, 2009.

jboye09 Without Borders

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Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 4.0

I thought it was pretty cool. Of course, far from “something brilliant,” as presented by Adobe, but pretty darn close to it 😉 Packed with features and is really targeted to people, who know what they’re doing with this software.

Adobe Systems Inc., publishing and design software company, unveiled the latest version of its flagship web-publishing software — Creative Suite 4.0 (CS4). The product is a not just a little update, but a major overhaul, according to the company.

CS4 is intended to make it easier to design web sites that combine different types of media. As presented in today’s web briefing, it is “something brilliant.” It is “web, video, design, photography — all in a box.”

Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 4.0

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Another iPhone Mobile App Player

WorkLight Goes Mobile Starting With iPhone

Well, given how popular the iPhone is, this only makes sense.

WorkLight Inc., an Enterprise 2.0 software company, announced the release of WorkLight Server support for Apple iPhone. The main benefit of this addition is allowing companies to securely do business using the popular mobile device.