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Amazon Debuts With (More Secure?) Virtual Private Cloud

Ever thought that the cloud is not secure enough for your organization to even consider adopting it? You may want to give that thought another swirl. And the reason for that is the new Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Albeit in limited beta, the offering aims to provide the best of the both worlds by securely bridging your existing IT infrastructure and the AWS cloud-based resources in hybrid architectures.

In essence, Virtual Private Cloud works just as a regular AWS public cloud, but with isolation and additional encryption.

Amazon VPC

Is this the ultimate solution for security concerns? Hardly.

Can it support regulatory compliance requirements in the cloud? The short answer is “no.” But, hey, it’s not a bad start.

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Nuxeo Galaxy: Bringing Enterprise CMS to CEVAs

Nuxeo, being quite a busy bee lately, launched their Galaxy Program. No, astronautical adventures are not included. But, if you are an ECM application and/or solution provider, you can take your coding dreams into the Galaxy and package them up into Content-Enabled Vertical Applications (CEVAs).

In the Nuxeo Galaxy, there’s everything but dust and the “dark matter.” Based on the open source Nuxeo Enterprise CMS, Galaxy aims to allow for CEVAs to be built, marketed (through Nuxeo’s Solution Marketplace), supported and distributed to customers and the Nuxeo community.

Some may argue that CEVAs don’t necessarily require the breadth and depth on an enterprise-level content management platform. At the same time, Nuxeo is flexible enough from the licensing perspective to give freedom to developers looking to try things out before committing. The source code is open and redistributable.

While there’s no so-called vendor lock-in, there’s a substantial vendor “dependency,” if you think of how tightly Nuxeo enwraps you in all the galaxies of their products (which is a logical business decision for any vendor). But in the end, the choice is absolutely yours.

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Ektron CMS400.NET Deployed in the Amazon Cloud

The cloud appears to be the new black in the fashion of web content management. One after another, vendors are conquering the cloud in hopes of dazzling their customers with more hosting options and improved scalability.

Ektron’s CMS400.NET content management system is now also cloud-friendly, thanks to their eSync technology that can do bi-directional synchronization with the cloud.

Hosting is also part of the offering. Ektron is using the Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) as a hosting option, allowing customers to run and manage their production, development and staging environments in the cloud, in any combination.

Ektron’s eSync technology can be used for bi-directional synchronization between the cloud and a customer’s local environment for the entire web site, specific pages or select pieces of content; giving developers the ability to code locally and sync up with the cloud.

Ektron says it will provide a set of free Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), on which customers can deploy their CMS400.NET instances. Using these Ektron-provided AMIs, new virtual machines can be provisioned with CMS400.NET. Developers can take advantage of the provisioning and automated software deployment.

While the cloud option may not necessarily work for all Ektron Web CMS customers, it is certainly worth looking into.

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Nuxeo Takes Document Management to the Cloud

Let’s take another trip to the cloud, shall we? Yes, the adage may be old: to cloud or not to cloud? The open source Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo solved this poetic dilemma and took its document management product to the cloud.

Nuxeo DM Cloud Edition, now available as SaaS, promises security and reliability, among other things.

While many organizations still seem to shy away from SaaS for many obvious reasons, Nuxeo is sure that it can address “the needs of organizations that want to benefit from a proven ready-to-go ECM solution without the related IT constraints and costs.”

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CrownPeak Lures In Marketers With New CMS Features

CrownPeak, a provider of SaaS web content management solutions, has its eye on the online marketing folk.

The latest release of CrownPeak CMS sports multiple new features designed to make CRM and web content management easier. If campaigns, lead conversions, tracking and revenue generation are part of your lexicon, CrownPeak has news for you.

Finally, CrownPeak has introduced a WYSIWYG authoring environment in a partnership with Ephox. There are also other new features and enhancements targeted to developers and marketers. Social media and web 2.0 integration is done in somewhat a childish way, but overall CrownPeak seemed to have found its niche.

Finding a niche could be one of the answers to remaining competitive in these market conditions, as long as the provided CMS functionality meets customer needs.

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