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Twitter Profiling: You Know You’re a #CMS Exec If…

  1. Your tweets are flooded with airport codes, #boarding, #delayed and upgrades updates
  2. When no upgrade, you make it a point to express coach dissatisfaction by tweeting @ stinky, snoring, farting, barking, screaming (_insert your adjective of choice_) neighbors
  3. Often, you can decently converse in at least two languages. #Natuurlijk!
  4. That is because, chances are, you’ve “done time” at a boarding school somewhere in the UK, or an ivy establishment somewhere in Stanford
  5. You refer to your children in version numbers and “private beta” is used to indicate the soon-to-come version number(s)
  6. You’re obsessed with expensive watches
  7. You often find yourself on (often boring) conf calls at 3:30 AM (local time)
  8. When not on conf or Skype calls, you’re charming away #analysts and the media (using Skype, phone, lunch invitations, IM, Twitter, etc.)
  9. You thought about hiring a ghost twitterer for those cool “#worth reading” and “#note to self” entries from news feeds
  10. Your entire PR agency is following you *and* all your followers
  11. You’ve had at least one “waking up in… New York/Rome/London/ _insert_” tweet, just so you can un-disorient yourself and figure out where the heck you’re that day
  12. Your #waking up tweet is often posted at some ungodly hour
  13. When not @work, your tweets often mention inches of #snow, pies, hardware tools, Shakespeare, foie gras, various gadgets, historic monuments and *beer*
  14. On the health side, you’re most prone to dental work (#crown sans anesthesia), broken bones, exhaustion and insomnia
  15. Your most commonly used acronyms include HST, CEO, RTM, AIIM (seasonally), RC, GSA, POC, VC, API, SCRUM, CMIS, GA and — LOL, of course, #CMS