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Day Reports Bright Results for First Half 2009

I talked quite a bit about the hyped about and much-anticipated Day’s CQ5 in this blog, including CQ5 installation experiences and random thoughts. And then, I also talked about CQ5.2. My impressions were mostly positive, but not without some healthy constructive criticism 😉

Looks like the WCM market , and the new and existing Day’s customers, are mostly positive about the product as well, as they keep investing in this Web CMS and making Day’s 2009 first half numbers shine brightly yet again.

1H 2009 revenue growth was reported at CHF 17.0M, which is an increase of 33% from total revenue of CHF 12.8M for 1H 2008. License revenue accounted for a whopping 42% of total revenue at CHF 7.2M, an increase of 26% from total license revenue of CHF 5.8M compared to same time last year. According to Day, there is an increase in re-orders from the existing installed base due to the interest in updates and new modules that came out in CQ 5.2 (e.g. DAM and Social Collaboration).

Support and maintenance revenues came in at CHF 5.4M, or 32% of total revenue. Day also reported operating income of CHF 1.8M, or 11% of revenue, and better-than-expected GAAP net income of CHF 1.1M, or 6% of revenue. Total cash was CHF 18.3M, a 21% increase over 1H 2008.

Day’s success in the challenging economy is partially due to the operational restructuring efforts that took place last and this year, along with key new hires and additions of new members to its Board of Directors.

We should see more R&D, sales and marketing investments at Day in the second half of 2009. If you wish to geek out on accounting numbers, head over here. I, in the meantime, cannot wait to get my hands on the next release — CQ 5.3.

Originally published on CMSWire: Day Software Continues to Roll in Cash in 1H 2009

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Vignette’s Future: Is There One?

Last week, Vignette released preliminary Q4 2008 financial results. As in case with several previous quarters, things don’t seem to be looking too bright. There’s a drop from Q4 2007 in license revenue.

“The weak economy, foreign exchange fluctuations and the continued re-build of our go-to-market capabilities impacted our fourth-quarter results,” said Mike Aviles, president and CEO of Vignette.

Aviles also mentioned the reduction of “overall cost structure” by about 10% resulting in Vignette layoffs late last year.

With Vignette’s balance sheet remaining strong and the line of Enterprise Content Management products being quite usable for certain scenarios and recognized by analysts, why is this happening? And what will happen next to the big V? An acquisition by another vendor? A complete overhaul and restructure? The vendor may have survived the 2001 dot-com bubble bust, but will it survive this global economic crunch and its own transitional pains?

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PaperThin Grows, Talks About Future

PaperThin, the producer of ColdFusion-based Web CMS CommonSpot, announced that its 2008 Q2 and Q3 revenues shattered all company records, having grown an average of more than 50% year over year. Furthermore, the company’s average deal size increased by more than 30%.

The company attributes its growth rate to the strength of its Channel Partner relationships and increase in Professional Services projects; while maintaining the 95%+ subscription renewal rate, according to Bob Cellucci, SVP for sales and marketing.

Now, it’s time to update the product, perhaps. And PaperThin plans on doing so in 2009. The last major product release from PaperThin was in October, 2007, when CommonSpot 5.0 came out.

Hold on to your ummm… (whatever it is you hold on to) ’till I get a chance to review CommonSpot 6.0 some time in Q2 of 2009.

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Day Software is Having a Good Day/Year, as Interim Financials Show

Mere days before the long-anticipated CQ5 release, Day presents interim financial results for Q3 2008.

The very Web 2.0-esque CQ5 is currently scheduled to be generally available on November 17. We will tell you more about CQ5 next week (I am downloading the software for evaluation as we speak).

In the meantime, let’s count Day’s Swiss francs. The company reports increased revenue and presses ahead with market expansion, mainly in Northern Europe.

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Sitecore Brags About 100% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

I am not a .NET-developer, so I don’t have to worship Sitecore — a famed .NET Web CMS vendor that announced this week that its 2008 revenues have grown by over 100% over the prior fiscal. Not surprisingly, 95% of revenues are coming from new license sales and less than 1% – from Professional Services.

Sitecore has never focused much on PS. Sure, let the resellers and integrators do the dirty job of actually implementing the software. Sitecore just demos and sells it. OK, not completely, true – they also seem to provide some training. A friend of mine just got her Certified Sitecore Developer badge.

When it comes to functionality, many Sitecore competitors – including SDL Tridion, EPiServer, MOSS and Ektron – were known to win in customers’ short-lists. Granted, the latest version 6.0 was very strong and attractive with all the Carousel views and such.

While the triple-digit growth rates are great, let’s not forget that many vendors in the Web CMS arena tend to struggle when faced with the challenge of being able to balance the supply-demand ratio.

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Open Text Reports Record Profitability

Open Text Corporation, a well-known ECM player, announced unaudited financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended June 30, 2008.

If you thought all of the above was not good enough, how about this little tidbit of information? Open Text was rated “Strong Positive” in Gartner’s 2008 MarketScope for Records Management, the highest possible rating that Gartner doesn’t give out on a whim. Open Text can really afford to rest on its laurels now… Or, it can surprise us with something new.

Full article:

Open Text Reports Record Profitability