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Day Reports Q3 2009 License Revenue Jump

Gotta admit, I am about to run out of the (semi-) witty headlines for Day Software that continues to build on the momentum and report bright financial results quarter after quarter. That is, let’s not forget, following the not-so-bright period a bit of time ago.

After reviewing and changing their accounting policies, doing a bit of a re-org in the upper echelons and shedding some extra weight, Day continues to deliver positive numbers in Q3 2009. The highlight of Q3 (interim results) is a considerable increase in license revenue — a 37% growth over the same period in 2008 and a 26% increase over 1H 2009.

Day attributes these revenue numbers to “global demand for CQ5” and “major new customer wins.” I’ve looked at both CQ5.1 and CQ5.2, as they came out, and do tend to agree that the product is starting to look more and more compelling.

These were interim Q3 results. Not many details are available, but chances are R&D (and associated sales and marketing, etc.) spendings are sky-rocketing to get the upcoming CQ 5.3 to the market.

At this time, we don’t know much about how the license revenue increase correlates to, for example, consulting, training and overall Professional Services (Does Day even have PS? Not really.) revenues. Someone’s got to implement all those sales deals…

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Open Text Talks 2009 Financials, Vignette’s Fate

Enterprise CMS provider Open Text announced unaudited financial results for Q4 and FY2009.

Despite the current economic climate, OTEX reports achieving bottom line target, although net income for fiscal year 2009, and license revenue and operating cash flow in the fourth quarter have dipped.

Conversations on Vignette’s fate and product integration strategies are ongoing.

Acquisitions always seem to be part of any conversation around Open Text. During Q4, the company acquired digital media, 3D applications makers Vizible for an undisclosed sum to expand its portfolio of digital media applications. There are no details yet as to what Open Text plans to really do with the eye candy that Vizible is.

Finalized in July of this year, the acquisition of Web CMS vendor Vignette and its positioning in Open Text is starting to look less nebulous.

John Shackleton, president and CEO of Open Text, said, “We are pleased with how the acquisition is progressing and to date the integration is tracking to plan.” While also adding “I am disappointed that we were slightly off on our Q4 revenue targets, mainly due to the WCM delays where customers were waiting to see our new WCM strategy with the announcement of the Vignette acquisition.”

Vignette’s prior (not very promising) financial behavior and miscellaneous struggles are playing a role in Open Text’s balance sheet.

According to Open Text’s CFO Paul McFeeters, “As part of acquisition accounting, we will fair value the acquired deferred revenue for customer support contracts…  However, I expect the range of this adjustment to be between US$ 6 million and US $ 8 million for the first year of operations. While we will not break out the financial effect of the acquired Vignette business, I will remind you that they were operating at a breakeven margin. We expect this acquisition to be neutral to the operations in Q2, accretive in Q3, and on our operating model by the end of this fiscal year.”

In addition to that, Open Text plans to cut Vignette’s worldwide workforce (layoffs wouldn’t be for the first time) and “continue to rationalize facilities in both Open Text and Vignette. ” Open Text and Vignette restructuring charge will be approximately US$ 32 million to US$ 40 million. How many jobs is that?

It would be reasonable to expect that Vignette and former RedDot (now, Open Text Web Solutions) will be merging in some way or another. With  Vignette, most likely, taking the upper hand. The detailed roadmap and product integration strategies should be announced in October at the North American Content World Conference in Orlando, FL.

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Vignette Layoff? Apply for a Job With Alfresco

Continuing on the sad times for Vignette theme before it’s time to pop that Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot (or whatever it is you’re popping) and welcome 2009 😉

Interestingly (or quite predictably so) enough, Alfresco has been head-hunting for former and soon-to-be-former VIGN employees since April. Alfresco’s Matt Asay has been unashamedly recruiting current and former Vignette-rs to join his “open-source-grass-is greener” own employer, as well as Magnolia and Acquia.

All those talented and fab sales engineers and consultants have to go somewhere, right? Time to update your CV and send it over to what is now competition? Not that I agree with Asay that open source is the answer. Many truly commercial and proprietary Web CMS vendors are still staying afloat, too.  SaaS CMS is getting quite a lot of attention lately as well.

Unless, of course, Open Text continues its acquisition mania and grabs VIGN (but why, they already have the WCM-centric RedDot)…  Or any other ECM vendor… Anyone else needs a WCM addition to the product portfolio?

Not that I don’t feel bad for the Big V folks in fear of losing their jobs… What concerns me is that, as of late, I have been seeing more of moving-away-from-Vignette CMS implementations and sales vs. buying and migrating to Vignette ones. Even in tough economic times like these, it would be kinda sad to see VIGN disappear from the WCM landscape.

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Vignette Marks 2008 Year-End With Layoffs

Vignette seems to find itself again in a downward spiral (and has been for quite some time now). After the not-so-exciting Q3 2008 results announced in October (with net loss of $4.3 million), December brought even more not-so-pleasant news. Right before Christmas, VIGN laid off an unconfirmed number of employees.

The Austin American – Statesman (Austin is location of Vignette’s HQ) reported that Vignette’s “spokeswoman Melanie Brenneman said less than 10 percent of the company’s employees were affected.” Out of the total number of Vignette employs — about 600 worldwide — this is still a considerable amount of people hearing “Merry Xmas. BTW, you’re fired!”

Interesting discussion led by (supposedly) former Vignette employees and onlookers is on Statesman’s site in the comments section.  One commenter said “They basically shut down the entire development team for imaging products.”

Vignette Media was one of the latest product releases from the big V. It was *so* media-attention worthy, I covered it twice. Later on, not quite a product but a PS bundle was also announced in a possible attempt to smooth out end-of-year financials – QuickStart. Still didn’t seem to make much difference.

No question, this economy is challenging for many Web Content Management vendors. Vignette: a WCM vendor in transition? Acquisition target (Open Text could grab it, but it already has a WCM wing in the form of RedDot)? Or… keeps going back and forth on recommending and then not recommending to buy VIGN stock.

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PaperThin Grows, Talks About Future

PaperThin, the producer of ColdFusion-based Web CMS CommonSpot, announced that its 2008 Q2 and Q3 revenues shattered all company records, having grown an average of more than 50% year over year. Furthermore, the company’s average deal size increased by more than 30%.

The company attributes its growth rate to the strength of its Channel Partner relationships and increase in Professional Services projects; while maintaining the 95%+ subscription renewal rate, according to Bob Cellucci, SVP for sales and marketing.

Now, it’s time to update the product, perhaps. And PaperThin plans on doing so in 2009. The last major product release from PaperThin was in October, 2007, when CommonSpot 5.0 came out.

Hold on to your ummm… (whatever it is you hold on to) ’till I get a chance to review CommonSpot 6.0 some time in Q2 of 2009.

Full article on CMSWire: PaperThin Reports Growth, Talks About Future

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Day Software is Having a Good Day/Year, as Interim Financials Show

Mere days before the long-anticipated CQ5 release, Day presents interim financial results for Q3 2008.

The very Web 2.0-esque CQ5 is currently scheduled to be generally available on November 17. We will tell you more about CQ5 next week (I am downloading the software for evaluation as we speak).

In the meantime, let’s count Day’s Swiss francs. The company reports increased revenue and presses ahead with market expansion, mainly in Northern Europe.

Full article on CMSWire: Interim Results Show Day is Having a Good Year

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Vignette’s Year on Year Income Falls 73.5%

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt…

Vignette is not having a good year. The company released its Q2 2008 financial results, and they’re not pretty. The revenue is down (again), GAAP net loss is substantial, non-GAAP net income is 73.5% down compared to the same period last year. The company says that sales and marketing efforts need improvement. But is it really so?

Vignette’s Year on Year Income Falls 73.5%