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Are We Living on the Edge of Global Web Content Management Crisis?

If you were still not quite convinced that global content management is a pretty big deal nowadays, take a look at the latest research saying that 35% of companies surveyed have more than 10 websites with almost 50% of those published in over 5 languages.

This research comes from a Web CMS vendor e-Spirit. With all disclosures in place, let’s take a closer look at the numbers revealed during this exercise.

According to the vendor, global proliferation of a multitude of information channels and the general content boom are causing the worldwide web content crisis.

The survey of more than 100 businesses suggests this information explosion contributed to the following findings:

  • 78% of content management systems (CMS) content authors are marketers
  • 66% of those surveyed are frustratrated with the amount of time it takes to manage their global websites
  • 20% of respondents complain about language barriers and content translation challenges
  • 30% of marketers have up to 100 intranet sites and 50 external websites to maintain.

Sounds like an outcry for an efficient global approach to content management, doesn’t it?

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Open Text Boosts Globalization in its Multi-Sites Product

Open Text released several enhancements to its Open Text Web Solutions for Multi-Sites product — which belongs to a family of Web Content Management products and is, essentially, part of the rebranded RedDot WCM.

The focus of this release is something many customers find appealing in a Web Content Management System — globalization capabilities and management of multiple sites in multiple locales and languages.

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Lionbridge and Vasont Unite on Localization Front

I am a sucker for all things global content management and localization. Guess that comes as a result of localizing software back in the day.

With more and more organizations taking global content management and localization more seriously, the race for the best translation management solution is on.

Most recently, a new solution by Vasont and Lionbridge made it to the market. The challenge here is not only to provide an efficient solution for managing and translating content, but also to translate the importance of global content management to customers.

Vasont Systems, a provider of component content management solutions, integrated its Vasont Content Management System (CMS) with Freeway, the Web-based translation management platformfrom Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

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Immediacy Web CMS Gets Localization Facelift

Immediacy WCM is an interesting development in the world of WCM. Not sure how promising, but it is still fun to watch — “to blistering levels.”

Alterian, an integrated marketing platform provider, released the upgraded Immediacy WCMs 6.1. In its latest version, Immediacy features Language Pack capabilities enabling users to work in their local language preference.

Release 6.1 also utilizes many of the latest web technology standards, including AJAX, and improved performance “to blistering levels.”

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Immediacy Web CMS Gets Localization Facelift


ShadoCMS Jumps On the Localization Train

Well, it’s about time… with all the competition that’s out there. I am not even gonna mention my long-time fave SDL Tridion 😉

Straker, with its ShadoCMS v8.5 Web CMS, and Across Systems’ Language Server teamed up to deliver a new localization interface, providing an automated process from web content creation to translation management, publishing and handling of dynamic multilingual content.

The partnership promises to deliver savings above 60% for companies that manage large-scale translations of dynamic web sites. Rigghhht…

Better late than never, as they say. So, welcome to the global content management party!

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ShadoCMS Jumps On the Localization Train