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EPiServer Marketing Arena: Combo of CMS With Marketing and Sales Engine

EPiServer, on its ongoing quest in “the new era of the Engaged Web,” has news for marketers, who are looking to deliver dynamic, personalized, optimized and measurable web experiences.

EPiServer Marketing Arena is a new product designed to do just that, and then some.

The new release consists of several integrated modules and services to help marketers create, manage, monitor and optimize web campaigns, while (ah, the cherry on top) generating traffic and leads.

Tracking the success (or lack thereof) of those campaigns is available in real-time. Lead generation data can be captured and fed to a CRM system.

Marketing Arena is also integrated with EPiServer CMS to provide a centralized content repository for creating, tracking and monitoring web content, campaigns and landing pages.

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FatWire Turns to Open Source to Improve Scalability in Personalization, Analytics Products

FatWire is back in the news. These folks have been busy lately. In between “rescue” plans and moves towards worldwide “domination,” the web content management vendor also had some time to work on two new releases — Engage 7.5 (content targeting) and Analytics 2.5 (content optimization) — which bring major architectural changes involving open source-based technology.

Using the open source Apache Hadoop-based technology framework based on the Map-Reduce algorithm (which was also implemented in Apache Hadoop), FatWire is shifting from vertical to horizontal scalability and scale up to 100M hits per day per install. The potential can really be unlimited, theoretically speaking.

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Interwoven Enhances LiveSite’s Personalization Features

Web content management provider Interwoven has released some new personalization and profiling features for its LiveSite product, enabling marketers to deliver a richer visitor experience.

Interwoven LiveSite now includes the ability to target specific visitor segments, whether they are anonymous site visitors or known customers.

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