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Digitalus CMS Cuts Down Confusion, Risk in Templating

For boutique content management vendors like Digitalus CMS, flexibility comes comparatively easily. There are no multiple corporate hoops to jump though, and development cycles seem to be moving a bit faster (which can also turn into a double-edged sword).

Not long ago, I looked (in detail and with a fair portion of constructive criticism) at Digitalus 1.5. The vendor informs me that they’ve heard and made templating changes in the newest version of the product — Digitalus CMS 1.8.

It seems the chances of breaking the entire front end are now minimized.

As I mentioned before, the template structure and templating tasks weren’t the easiest in v1.5. It was clunky and, quite frankly, dangerous. Pretty much anyone working with Digitalus 1.5 templating could very easily break the entire front end of the site.

While the v1.5 approach could’ve been a good way to follow traditional/default structure of the Zend framework, it was a pain for designers having to work in multiple various directories in the CMS.

Digitalus says that the design section and content templates that were added in v1.5, did not make it into v 1.8 in an attempt to alleviate confusion. Will that work better for designers and editors? Will they feel like there’s less freedom now?

New templating approach is not the only piece of news from Digitalus. Very recently, Digitalus started offering its content management system as a hosted option on their own servers managed by HostGator. The offering is called Digitalus Platform, and sounds almost like a SaaS CMS product.

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