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KnowledgeTree Goes to Zend for CMS Performance Zen

Well, if it isn’t open source CMS and PHP companies playing friendly again… Open source, PHP5-fueled Enterprise CMS vendor KnowledgeTree announced its embrace of the PHP-driven Zend Technologies in a partnership that aims to increase speed and performance of KnowledgeTree’s products.

Part of the partnership revolves around the forthcoming version 3.7 of KnowledgeTree’s on-the-premise commercial edition (due in Q4 2009) being deployed on Zend Server.

Looking for instant gratification? According to Philip Arkcoll, product manager at KnowledgeTree, the Zend partnership “represents the coming together of two PHP players whose goal is bringing enterprise-grade PHP products to the marketplace. KnowledgeTree on Zend Server delivers speed, performance, and reliability, particularly in Windows environments.

In fact, early tests show response time improvements of close to 40% when using Zend Server, and that’s with no changes to our application.” No word on how Linux behaves, but the vendor say this OS is supported as well.

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Digitalus CMS: Open Source and (Mostly) Simple

Digitalus CMS is a fairly new player in the simple CMS market. Their first open source Zend/PHP-based version 1.0 was released in August 2008.

Recently, version 1.5 came out and caught our attention with new features like simple globalization capabilities, web-based installer and the 960 Grid system page layout management.

Some of Digitalus features are strikingly simple, others definitely call for some geeky brains.

While Digitalus CMS is still in very early stages of product maturity, it has made some good strides in improving the system and adding features that are usually found in any self-respectful CMS. With distances to go, Digitalus 1.5 brings the following features to the table today (see more link below).

Digitalus CMS in the Simple CMS Microcosm

Overall, Digitalus has made a good effort updating their CMS in this point release. In the saturated open source CMS market, it’s all about what suits your needs best and which cons you can live with. This micro CMS is quite new and may not be functionally suitable for all scenarios.

Compare Digitalus to SilverStripe, Zimplit, SkyBlueCanvas and Edicy in the open source and micro CMS markets.

It is also worth taking a look at some of the blogging platforms like WordPress, if you’re on the market for a new CMS/publishing tool.

Digitalus CMS installer and more information can be found here.

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