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Rebrandable Zimplit CMS, All Yours

Ever thought of building your very own CMS from scratch? Consider taking Zimplit CMS and putting your logo on it, or naming it after your favorite goldfish.

Zimplit CMS, also known as the “easiest website creation tool ever made,” decided to give customers the ability to fully rebrand the content management system.

“Our rebranding means that everything is rebrandable, also the name,” says Zimplit’s Mattias Lepp. Rebrandable CMS means that the entire software interface can be modified to a customer’s own brand. On top of that, Zimplit promises to provide manuals, demos, templates (259 € /per template) and even monthly newsletters — all rebrandable to whatever your heart or business desires.

Yet another way of making open source a viable business model

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Spruced-up Zimplit CMS 1.1: One Small Step Forward

Just in time for stocking stuffing, the (mainly) open source Micro CMS designed for normal people? Yes, the simply put Zimplit! Just in time for stocking staffing, Zimplit released version 1.1 with four improvements:

  1. Website Menu Reordering
  2. Theme Picker
  3. Gallery Thumbnails
  4. Editor Location Changer

In its nature, Zimplit CMS is not that far from blogging platforms, but still is positioning itself as a Web CMS. Oh well, there must be market for this solution — at least, in Estonia — or elsewhere in Europe.

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Web CMS Made Zimple

Yet another Web CMS vendor is attempting to position its product as the easiest ever Web CMS on Earth.  Coming from Estonia (and following Edicy’s suit), Zimplit is a new open source mini CMS that is made for normal people, not for IT gurus.”

It’s fr*ee, 100% SEO-friendly and oh so zimple.

The “simple CMS” trend continues. I wrote before about micro CMS Edicy, the dumbed-down mini CMS Bizyweb and the newest trend of blogging tools going the CMS route.

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Zimplit: Web CMS Made Zimple, No Developers Needed