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Is There Chemistry in the Apache CMIS Implementation?

So, following up on the initial post, as promised. Had a good chat with Day’s David Nüscheler and Kevin Cohrane yesterday. Thanks again, guys!

Nüscheler is one of Chemistry committers and had a lot of interesting info to share. Would be nice to hear from Nuxeo and Alfresco, too… Referring you to my post on CMSWire for the rest:

The CMIS specification is still in early stages, but the buzz around it is consistently loud. Most recently, the spec has piqued interest of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), as some saw a “reference implementation” ingredient missing from the CMIS recipe for success.

Meet Chemistry — a recently-proposed Apache Incubator Project with a goal of creating a generic, open-source, Java-language implementation of CMIS.

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Where Does Interwoven Fit in Autonomy’s Q1 Results?

Autonomy reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2009. According to the company, these (unaudited) numbers represent the highest Q1 revenues and profits in Autonomy’s history.

One of Q1 2009 highlights is, of course, the completed acquisition of Interwoven with “integration ahead of plan,”  cash flowing in (as well as out), and somewhat more clarity on where this is all going.

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Day and Nuxeo Partner for Java Implementation of CMIS

This had to happen sooner or later. With all the buzz around the soon-to-be-standard CMIS and all the issues and debates surrounding the spec, it was only a matter of time before a Java giant like Day Software would do a Java-based implementation of the proposed standard.

Meet Apache Chemistry (the name is based on CMIS, as in !CheMIStry). This is a recently possibly soon to be approved Apache Incubator Project that aims to provide a Java (and possibly JavaScript) CMIS implementation framework.

What to expect:

  • a high-level API for developers
  • a low-level SPI close to the CMIS protocol
  • default implementations of the above
  • covering both the AtomPub and SOAP bindings defined in the CMIS

Day has partnered with Nuxeo (who contributed their own initial implementation) to sync and consolidate with Day’s CMIS implementation.

These are the initial sources for the Chemistry project:

More details later, stay tuned!

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dotCMS 1.7 Puts a Dot on Plugin Architecture

dotCMS, an open source J2EE/Java Web CMS, released a new version — v1.7. The last time we saw an update was back last year, when 1.6.5 came out.

What’s new and exciting in 1.7? The answer is — plenty.

Overall, dotCMS has put in a good effort in the new version. While many more improvements can be accomplished (a more engaged community involvement and better documentation being some of them), the CMS can be an attractive option for some Java-man audiences.

Should you jump on the dotCMS train? Read on, and then decide.

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Open Source is Open to Investment

The 451 Group’s Commercial Adoption of Open Source (CAOS) Research Service has recently released a report entitled “Open to Investment.” Mainly, it looks at the growing open source market and OS venture funding trends since 1997.

The premise is that the market is as viable as the amount of funding it gets from private investors. The outlook is optimistic, almost fairy tale-like. But not without a mention of dark forces.

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Vignette Tries Subscription-Based Licensing Model

Vignette has been getting some criticism on their pricing and licensing methods. Some consider it to be too expensive and too complex,  even for an enterprise-level CMS. Vignette listened and did something not many expected — introduced a subscription-based licensing model and announced new licensing models for its web content management solutions.

Given the current state of Vignette affairs, I can only guess what the future will bring and whether the new subscription-based licensing model will find its fans. At least Vignette is trying.

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Hippo Re-inforces U.S. Presence, Gets New Partner

With its open source CMS — Hippo CMS 7.0 — recently out of the door, Hippo has found a partner in the U.S. to help implement the revamped product. CorraTech is an open source software services and consulting shop. The two will work together to deliver web content management solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers.

Growth is almost always falls in the same equation with demand. Hippo says they are experiencing an increase in the customer base in North America. Meaning it’s time to shake hands with some system integrators.

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