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Slides: Intro to Web CMS for Marketing and Business

In a recent installment of the Real Story Group webinar series, I’ve addressed the Web Content Management industry from Marketing & Business perspectives:

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OmniUpdate Tags Web 2.0 With Live Delivery Platform

OmniUpdate, a CMS vendor in the trendy SaaS CMS space, announced a new Live Delivery Platform (LDP) for its core Web CMS product — OU Campus. The goal is to provide a vehicle for delivery of dynamic content that is an essential part of many Web 2.0 applications.

The platform, however, will not be available until May 2009. What’s in it and is it worth the wait?

OmniUpdate’s rivals in the SaaS CMS space like Clickability already offer some social media and Web 2.0 capabilities. Let’s wait and see what OmniUpdate has in store for us.

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Simplifying Web App Development in Lotus Notes

Yes, Lotus Notes is still part of the daily routine for some folks out there. Despite Domino/LN falling like dominoes, some companies continue to embrace Lotus Notes.

United Planet, a European developer of Enterprise Portal software, has released a Lotus Notes Business Adapter for its portal, intranet and Web application software — Intrexx Xtreme.

Domino/Notes have been nearing the end of their golden years for quite some time now, but the fact that this technology is used as a backbone of (far too) many legacy systems makes organizations think of creative ways for prolonging life and manageability of those assets.

This is when various connectors and adapters — essentially, Band-Aids though — come into play.

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Are you Hackable? Google Will Tell You

Yes, Google’s got your back. But only (for now) if you’re a WordPress fanatic. A new security feature from Google Webmaster Tools is in the works.

An interesting twist on this story is how Movable Type has been taking advantage of WordPress vulnerabilities, even before the Gee announced this new security addition to Webmaster Tools. There’s no better time to launch an assault other than when the enemy is recovering from a wound.  MT even goes on to quote the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to prove that its better than WP. Didn’t know DHS does blogging security nowadays, but I guess they watch it all.

The funny thing is that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and a handful of other U.S. government agencies appear to be using WordPress as the blogging platform of choice, as reported by several sources. Ironic, huh?

I am not saying that WP is perfect (even though, I use it myself for this very blog). The baby was down just this morning die to the denial-of-service attacks.

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MS Silverlight 2 Is All Things Grandeur and “Next Generation”

Microsoft released Silverlight 2, a new version of its solution for creation and delivery of Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) through a Web browser.

Silverlight 2 — presented under the motto of creating “next-generation Web experiences” — comes packed with a variety of new features and tools that enable designers and developers to better collaborate while creating more accessible and more secure user experiences.

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