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OmniUpdate Releases Web CMS 8.5 With New Recycle Bin

OmniUpdate has been busy as a bee lately. From Live Delivery Platform to their Web CMS conversion tool earlier this year, the SaaS CMS vendor just got its hands around releasing an upgrade to their Web CMS product, OU Campus.

Version 8.5’s highlight is a new Recycle Bin feature. Note that v8.4 came out only a couple of weeks ago.

More on CMSWire: OmniUpdate Web CMS 8.5 Sports New Garbage Can Feature

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Clearview ECM 5.1 Gets New API, Workflow Module

Step by step, from version 5.0 to now 5.1 — while still embracing all things SharePoint — Clearview announced updates to its enterprise CMS.

They include a new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services-based API, Business Process Management (or Workflow in Clearview’s terminology) module and a number of less substantial (yet important) enhancements.

The 64-bit 5.1 release also includes intelligent indexing and index validation, external data access and compatibility with Kofax 8.0.

Full story on CMSWire: Clearview ECM 5.1 Gets New API and Workflow Module

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Ingeniux CMS Catches the Social Media Train With Cartella

This should really be post-dated to early May. I wrote this one up while one my 10-hour flight to Moscow and then had barely any access to the Internet.

I wasn’t very impressed with Cartella. Even though, Ingeniux is trying to catch the soco, so. media/networking train (which is a nice development in itself).

What does Cartella do? The very basics of social networking, social content and web content management put in the same wagon.

I talked to Ingeniux’s David Hillis, director of marketing and business development, and Nathan Eggen, director of technology – and this is what I’ve found out. Really worth a read, if you’re in the SaaS CMS space or looking to be in it.

Full story on CMSWire: Ingeniux CMS Catches the Social Networking Train


Back From Russia — With Love, Of Course

Yes, I like Ian Fleming as much as I like Dante Alighieri 😉

“…altre rivolgon sé onde son mosse,
altre roteando fan soggiorno;…”

“Some come back to where they started from,
Others, wheeling round, still keep at home;…”

(The Divine Comedy, Paradiso XXI: 38-39)

A week of fighting jet lag, struggling with overflown inboxes and general catch-up with CMS news (what, OTEX bought VIGN ?), and I am back to blogging.

Some culturally-agnostic anecdotes from the trip are below. Once you land in Russia, every little bit of life is anecdotic and very much “the Russian soul“-like with all its complexity and philosophical depths, so I will stop here. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so check out my Flickr sets here: one for Moscow and one for Siberia.

Flight of Delta Quality

Irina (staring at my Delta “special meal” lunch): What are you?
Special meal: Who cares? You’re hungry, I know that for sure.
Irina: Ummm…
Special meal: Oh shut up, did you forget you’re not flying Air France?

Word of Mouth Marketing

Lunch time, the choice is… yes, you guessed it… pasta or chicken.
Fellow traveler from one row up: what would you recommend (to attendant)?
(I whisper to him: “Take the chicken.”)
Delta’s attendant: Oh, I don’t know. I never eat this food. But I hear passengers like chicken better.
He takes the chicken, thanks me and we don’t talk for the rest of the 10-hour flight.

In-flight IM-ing, Sans Wi-Fi

Four hours into the flight, I just finished writing my Ingeniux story for CMSWire and my only thought is “It’s a long flight.” As I walk towards my seat, I notice that a guy who sits right behind me is writing some code. I am clearly bored. I write on a paper napkin: “What are you coding?” and pass it to the dude behind me.

He promptly responds to me on a notepad with his company’s logo. (a horrid logo, btw.) We are talking technology, web design, Java, writing. His company makes a “glorified FrontPage” and he is sorta in “my field.”


Then he proceeds to tell me his love story. He is going to see a Russian gal in St. Petersburg he hardly knows.

And… then he flirts with me.


I  say “LOL, yes” to “doomed.”

An hour or so of passing the notepad back and forth later, and after he says he likes my biz class Delta, bright red socks (see above, that flight attendant who gave them to me was really nice) and asks for my phone number, I decide to close that “chat window.” Snuggle across my two seats of a “bed” and fall asleep.

Gimme Some Ham

An old couple pulls out a Ziploc full of grocery store-cut ham.
He (to wife, as he devours the ham): Stay with me.
She: I need room to breathe (moves 10 rows away, after taking some ham.)

Revenue is of No Importance

Late evening 5-hour flight from Moscow to Siberia, dinner time (meat, fish or chicken). I am already culturally shocked after a “nice” gentleman dropped his suitcase on my foot and yelled at me, and everyone seems to have a different (from mine) view on personal space.
Attendant: What would you like to drink?
Irina: I’ll have a glass of red wine, please.
Attendant: We don’t serve wine in coach.
Irina: Can I buy it from business class? (As I sit in the first row after the completely empty 2 business class rows, their flight attendant is sitting there, enjoying a book)
Attendant: No, you can’t. You only have a choice of tea or coffee.

More than an hour before landing, she came back to collect my blanket. I didn’t have a choice to stay semi-cozy until the very end of flight. Company policy, she says. The blankets must be interfering with plane’s communication devices.


Gone ‘Til November, or Why I Like Dante

OK, more like ’till the last week of May. Destination: Russia. Couple of days in Moscow and then into the land of no Internets — Siberia (see #1 in 10 Things About Me). I’ll be lucky if I find a dial-up connection (so I was told).

I am convinced Dante, in his verse about the pain of exile, is actually referring to the lack of connectivity:

«. . . Tu lascerai ogne cosa diletta
più caramente; e questo è quello strale
che l’arco de lo essilio pria saetta.
Tu proverai sì come sa di sale
lo pane altrui, e come è duro calle
lo scendere e ‘l salir per l’altrui scale . . .»

(The Divine Comedy, Paradiso XVII: 55-60)

Things I will not be talking about:

  • What I do for living (no one will understand anyway)
  • CMS, ECM, DAM, WCM, CMIS and other acronyms I use frequently
  • Templates and code
  • Business requirements and design documents

Instead, my lexicon and activities will revolve primarily around (in alphabetical order):

  • Asking a lot of “How do you say it in Russian?” questions
  • Borsht
  • Enjoying quality time with family and friends
  • Figuring out how things work (or not) in Russia nowadays
  • Painting with my niece
  • Trying not to subdue to the cultural shock 😉

See ya later. Read the archives, browse the tag cloud for now 😉

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Nuxeo on Apache CMIS Implementation aka Chemistry

Ask and you shall receive. I was curious to hear Nuxeo’s thoughts on CMIS and Chemistry, and (many thanks to Eric Barroca and Florent Guillaume) my wishes were granted. Now, I can go to my exile in Siberia 😉

As a follow-up on my chat with Day’s David Nüscheler about Chemistry, here’s a very insightful interview with another major Chemistry contributor — open source ECM vendor Nuxeo via Florent Guillaume, head of R&D.

Full interview on CMSWire: Nuxeo’s Take on Apache CMIS Implementation aka Chemistry