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Day’s New CRX Releases Empower Developers and Enterprises

Chatted with Day’s Kevin Cochrane about the announcement early this week. Of course, took me a bit longer to get the news out than I expected. Was a bit busy with infrastructure designs, trainings, project timelines, unavailable resources, lost baggage and other exciting disasters.

Will refer you to CMSWire for this one — there’s a lot more details in that piece I wrote. Just as a side note, I am really curious to see how Day’s new CRX editions will impact the entire content management market, including traditional, open source and SaaS CMS vendors. There is a lot of power in what Day is now offering. Twitter messages indicate that Day’s competition is already afraid of Day keeping them “too busy” this year. Cool stuff 😉

On the other hand, I am also concerned about Day CQ5, which I also covered before. But I guess Nüscheler’s bright mind has got it all figured out.

Oh, and another piece of news from Day, which I normally would not have any interest in, but it was a really feel-good, heart-warming story (I could use one of those with my laptop powerstrip sitting in the bag Delta lost on my flight to SD from GA 😉 ) Couldn’t pass on it. Also referring to full coverage of that on CMSWire.

Day Opens Up, Empowers Developers With New CRX Releases

Day Software Awards First JCR Cup Winner (congrats, Russell Toris. I am sure you’re on cloud 9 😉 )

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How Content Management Can Save the World

Ever think about global warming, air pollution and dying out populations of polar bears? Or whether your grandchildren will be able to leave the house without an oxygen mask?

Scary picture, huh?

With Obama reigning and his plans to save the planet, Gartner’s research  is right on time. Recently, Gartner offered its take on six strategic areas in which enterprise content management can deliver both green benefits and business efficiencies.

There are multiple advantages to a green(er) enterprise. With green IT practices being strategic this year, businesses can not only control costs and efficiency, but also reap environmental benefits.

Full article on CMSWire: Why Obama Loves Enterprise Content Management

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Sense Net 6.0 CMS Wants to Befriend Developers

Recently, open source Sense/Net 6.0 Content Management System has gotten an upgrade targeted towards making the system more developer-friendly.

If you’re a .NET developer wanting to get more love from Sense/Net 6.0, your time is now. Let’s check out the new WebDAV support and upgraded interface in Sense/Net 6.0 Beta2.

Full article on CMSWire:

Sense Net 6.0 CMS Wants to Befriend Developers

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Open Source Hippo CMS 7.0 Sports Revamped Core

Hippo, a vendor in open source Enterprise Content Management and Portal technology, has launched version 7.0 of its Content Management System.

In the new release, Hippo CMS boasts easier categorization of content “that is not found in other open source CMS product,” in addition to a completely revamped technology core based on Apache Jackrabbit.

The Apachean Jack-of-All-Rabbits devotion sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?

Full article on CMSWire:

Open Source Hippo CMS 7.0 Gets Revamped Core

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What Will Happen to Interwoven Post Autonomy Acquisition?

Following last week’s announcement about Interwoven being acquired by Autonomy, the CMS world is still shocked by the news and seems to be in the perpetual pondering mode about Interwoven’s future. I am no exception.

Where Autonomy’s Money is Coming From

As the UK’s Guardian reports, Autonomy really lucked out with good timing on the Interwoven acquisition. The day before the acquisition was announced, Autonomy raised £222m to help fund the $775m acquisition of Interwoven. Traders said the placing was covered around five times and took 60 minutes to complete. Autonomy’s shares closed up 39p at £10.72 that day.

On the same day, Microsoft warned investors that profits and revenues would drop over the next two quarters and announced plans to cut up to 5,000 jobs.

Let’s just wait and see how Autonomy will invest this money, and what it will do with Interwoven.

Autonomy Only Wants Interwoven’s Legal and Compliance Parts

From what I can see right now, Autonomy is most interested in Interwoven’s legal, governance and compliance/document management products and not as much in its Web Content Management or Digital Asset Management (DAM) offerings.

Autonomy is most known for its enterprise search focus and IDOL technologies, and its interest in enterprise-level offerings from Interwoven (WorkSite product line) couldn’t make more sense. What doesn’t make much sense right now is how the overlap between Interwoven’s WorkSite and Autonomy’s records management product Meridio will be handled.

Does that mean Autonomy will perform some sort of an Interwoven-ectomy and shut off the “unnecessary” parts (along with the corresponding human resources attached to them)?

With Interwoven’s future in the Web Content Management market (with its TeamSite product line) seemingly in question, the matters are even worse considering the fact that it’s been years since the last major release of TeamSite. CMS Watch speculates that TeamSite 7.0 )originally promised for 2007) may never see light. It is crystal clear that Interwoven is moving at a turtle’s pace with its TeamSite updates. And now would be a good time to retire this product altogether.

Autonomy’s Founder Mike Lynch and His Point of View

Autonomy’s boss  Dr Michael Lynch OBE FREng wasn’t the last in line when buckets of ambition were distributed. Some Internet sources refer to him as an “arrogant but brilliant shit.” LOL, just the Irish man for the job 😉

Lynch is one of those examples of an academician turned entrepreneur. According to the Sunday Times, he is worth around $500M. Some sources dub him Britain’s first software billionaire. When an exec finds himself “stunned” by a Molière play and can relate to Shakespeare and Blake, that’s a whole different dimension. I want to interview him.

Lynch says that this move should be seen as more of an extension of the firm’s shift towards serving the governance, risk and compliance market rather than an embrace of traditional enterprise content management (ECM).

Interwoven and Autonomy Marriage: Happily Ever After?

Autonomy was founded out of pioneering research at Cambridge University. Interwoven is HQ-ed in San Jose, California. A bit shivered by the cultural shock already, aren’t you? I was also told that apparently Autonomy has its own corporate culture ideals which may not be easily digested by its child companies. I am guessing this is not a reference to British fish&chips.

CMS Industry Reacts to Interwoven Acquisition

My CMSWire colleague Barb Mosher put together a good overview of Web CMS vendors’ reactions regarding the first big acquisition of 2009.  Many CMS vendors are, understandably, quite happy about -1 competitor to fight against and possible opportunities to expand their market shares. 

Some struggling CMS vendors could definitely use this break. Sad, however, to see how true the saying “Desperate times require desperate measures” becomes these days.

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Autonomy to Acquire Interwoven For $775M

WSJ.com reports that Autonomy Corporation, a global infrastructure software company, agreed to acquire Interwoven — the Enterprise CMS vendor that is supposed to report its Q4 2008 financial results in several days (expecting total revenues of $69.5m to $70.0m). Most recently, Interwoven announced a round of layoffs.

Autonomy and Interwoven have entered into a definitive agreement today. The details are scarce at the moment. What is Interwoven worth? $775 million or $16.20 per share.

Acquisition Highlights:

  • Under the terms of the Acquisition Agreement, it is proposed that Interwoven stockholders will receive $16.20 in cash for each outstanding Interwoven share, representing a premium of 36.8% to the closing share price of $11.84 on January 21, 2009
  • Aggregate consideration of approximately $775 million (assuming exercise of all vested in-the-money Interwoven share options), funded by an underwritten placing of ordinary shares (the “Placing”), a new revolving credit facility from Barclays and a portion of Interwoven and Autonomy’s cash reserves.
  • Post-closing Autonomy expects to have a cash balance of at least $75 million, assuming close in Q2’09
  • All directors and selected executive officers of Interwoven and Autonomy have agreed to vote in favor of the acquisition
  • The Acquisition is expected to complete in the second quarter of 2009
  • Combined customer base of in excess of 20,000 (4,600 of them worldwide belong to Interwoven) will provide additional scale and significant cross-selling opportunities
  • Opportunity to provide broader and more comprehensive offerings to customers
  • Combining the two companies will accelerate the delivery of the next generation unstructured information management software
  • The acquisition will strengthen Autonomy’s access to the worldwide legal and compliance industry through Interwoven’s significant sales force
  • The acquisition exploits Autonomy’s skills and strong track record in integrating businesses
  • Expect to achieve synergies of approximately $40 million per annum over the first year from completion
  • Acquisition expected to be earnings enhancing in the first full quarter following completion; expected earnings accretion of approximately 20% in 2009 (assuming completion had happened on January 1, 2009)
  • Significant brought forward tax losses will be assumed

“Interwoven and Autonomy are two high-performing companies that share the same vision improving the way organizations understand and interact with information,” said Joe Cowan, Interwoven’s CEO. “We believe customers will benefit from the combination of Autonomy’s industry-leading technology with Interwoven’s unmatched position in our target markets. We are extremely excited with the unique possibilities for future product direction that will arise through the integration with Autonomy’s IDOL technology.”

Certainly, a very interesting development in the Enterprise Content Management space. Who is next? Vignette? And, more importantly, more layoffs are on the way?