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Slides: Intro to Web CMS for Marketing and Business

In a recent installment of the Real Story Group webinar series, I’ve addressed the Web Content Management industry from Marketing & Business perspectives:

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Gilbane SF: Keynote Analyst Panel Highlights

One of the most anticipated sessions here at Gilbane SF was the Keynote Industry Analyst Panel moderated by Frank Gilbane. Unsurprisingly, the panel revolved largely around all things social media.

As Gilbane pointed out, it is the second time in a row when this panel is “focused on social media. That fact itself is a very import thing to consider.”

This time around, the following analysts gathered on the panel:

  • Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester
  • Hadley Reynolds, IDC
  • Larry Hawes, Gilbane Group
  • Lisa Welchman, WelchmanPierpoint

LW: I agree that we should be user-centered. The challenge has been is that we can’t do it.

One of the biggest things that people are ignoring is the revolution in product development that grows from paying attention to quality.

What are your quality controls like? Are you measuring for quality?

JO: The biggest finding in a recent Forrester research indicates that every page on the web will soon be socially ranked and rated. Google Chrome will get some social features. You can’t stop it.

The social movement is happening, and you better damn well embrace it, have a strategy and do it right.

JO: The reason we see so much fear when it comes to social media in the enterprise is due to the lack of strategy. Technology is only 20%, while strategy (roles, process, governance, measurement) is the other 80% of the objective.

LW: The number one disengage with social media in the enterprise is lack of engagement and guidance at the executive level.

LH: Social media is about the innovation process.’s Idea Zone, for example, is used to attract ideas on how to improve products. Dell uses this social aspect to supercharge their innovation process and improve the flow of ideas.

LW: ’Cuz I gotta say web governance at some point today… You really can’t control real-time collaboration.

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